Katharine Dokken, Author.


At left: Katharine with Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group, and exotic animal trainer Doug Terranova at the USDA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2016.

Animal Rights

What Difference Does it Make?
When the Life of a Vicious Dog Matters More than a 10-year-old Boy

Just some good old boys, never meaning any harm. Or so the old song goes, but in modern day Hazzard County, better known as Fauquier County Virginia, the most corrupt county in the state, there is no hero in this tale of loss. As I wrote previously, in October of 2014, Doctor Howard van Nostrand was out bow hunting with his 10 year old son Taylor, to celebrate Taylor's birthday. Suddenly a fellow "hunter", in reality a closet animal rights activist that Dr. van Nostrand didn't know, texted the hunting party that two huge German Shepherds were chasing deer through the woods, and just as suddenly one of the Shepherds changed his course and charged at Dr. van Nostrand and his son. Having just received this text warning him of the presence of wild dogs in the woods, Dr. van Nostrand sees a dog with his ears pinned back and hackles raised coming at his son, just feet away. Seeing no collar or tags, Dr. van Nostrand reacted to save the life of his son and shot the dog dead with a single shot.

What happens next is like a bad ten penny novel. The Doctor is framed for two felonies while the owners of the vicious stray dog are turned into martyrs. Read More

Activists use Dead Animals to Promote Veganism

"The animals definitely have shock value," said organizer Michael Dolling of the group, Our Planet Theirs Too. "There's about an hour of music, with sirens and slaughterhouse sounds. It's a powerful ceremony." Michael Dolling, the 26 year old vegan activist and self styled Yoga teacher hosting this disgusting event is famous for protesting against Jews, calling them murderers for celebrating Yom Kippur and stalking New York Blood Center (NYBC) board member Michael Hodin at his private home. That would be when he's not scavenging in dumpsters at slaughter houses looking for dead animals. Read More

Something's Rotten in Indianapolis

In any situation of massive injustice, always look for the corruption, look who's profiting from the injustice. Or as the common phrase goes, "follow the money." I've previously written a number of articles about the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) division that is run like a petty dictatorship running roughshod over city residents. IACC has a long history of shoddy conditions, sick animals, and frequent turnovers in staff. Earlier this year an ex-IACC employee was accused of stealing dogs and charged with animal abuse. But that's not all. Read More

Militants Claim Animals Come From the Devil

During the recent Easter holiday, animal rights terrorists stormed St. Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown, New York screaming "Easter is a time for love. No more shedding animal blood!" Claiming that cathedrals and churches are a "place of violence" protestors childishly threw temper tantrums in the aisles and demanded that their views be heard instead of the Priest that worshipers came to hear. How very progressive of them. Read More

Maine Bear Committee Infiltrated by Animal Rights Extremists

Animal rights extremists have long targeted hunters nationwide and in particular, Maine's black bear programs. Recently the Maine Supreme Court ruled against the vegan extremists of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) in yet another one of their numerous lawsuits nationwide over hunting and other animal activities. Extremists calling themselves "hunting reform groups" have tried to stop bear hunting nationwide just as we are overrun with bears threatening our very lives. In an animal rights world, bears frolic, dance in tutus and sing songs. In reality these dangerous predators have overrun areas of this nation and are attacking people in their own yards. In Maine, a group called Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, an HSUS front group, have lobbied against bear hunting and in 2014 Maine voters sent them packing yet again. Instead of accepting the will of the people, the bear huggers sued to ram their ideas down our throats. Read More

Animal Liberation Front Terrorize Children at the Circus

Animal rights terrorists have spent the last 30 years attacking and destroying the circus nationwide over ideology and they are winning. Besides forcing embattled Ringling Bros into court for over a decade to defend themselves and then forcing them to retire their elephants, activists have also continuously attacked all of the other circuses nationwide. In Las Vegas, animal rights terrorists recently threw a Molotov cocktail at a crowd of families and children leaving a performance of the 100 year old Ramos Bros. Circus. Read More

Animal Rescue Scams

Dog Trafficking: A Multi-Million Dollar Business

In every money scam, eventually there comes a tipping point in which the outrageousness of the scam overcomes the ability of the spin doctors to come up with a good story to cover their butts. Here in America we have reached that point with the sheer volume of outrageous dog "rescue" stories that simply defy belief. In towns and cities near you, long term reputable American pet breeders have been legislated out of existence while at the same time, dog "rescue" is now the hot new tax free business. It is in fact so hot, coining new millionaires daily, that the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), now estimates that up to one million foreign dogs are imported into America, washed through complicit shelters and rescues and resold to Americans with a fake back story to keep the outrageous profits coming in. Here is the story of one Ohio trucker who has raked in 10 million dollars in dog sales. Read More.

Horse Haven of Tennessee Once Again Embroiled in Controversy

Meanwhile Debbie Buckner was living out a truly horrific experience that no free American should ever have to undergo. For daring to ask these thugs if they had a warrant, she was first thrown in the back of a patrol car then tossed into a un-air-conditioned prisoner transport van and driven to the local detention center. Once there, officers simply walked away and abandoned her in the van for two hours. Only in an animal rights dominated America is it a felony punishable by a public hanging if you leave a dog alone in a hot car, but a human? Collective shrug. Read More.

Disasters Bring Out the Worst in Humanity

People have attacked me over my stance against pet theft and whine and cry that "God will bless" these thieves and send me profanity laden tirades at my lack of morals and humanity for daring to object to the "rescue" of animals. Our society has lost its way so badly that what is wrong is now right and what is right is now wrong. God has stated very clearly that Thou Shalt Not Steal. When you take someone's family pet out of a disaster area and transport it hundreds of miles to your own home and declare it to be yours, you are a thief. You haven't rescued anything. Read more

A Tail of Abuse - Lily the Paintballed Horse

Take the recent case of Lily the Paintballed Horse. Social media exploded in horror over the story of a white horse named Lily who had been shot by paintballs over 130 times. The media ran with wild claims that the horse was starving to death, malnourished, and severely abused. Except that she hadn't. She hadn't ever been shot by a paintball. Not once. She was not malnourished. She had never been abused. The entire story was a lie perpetuated by the Lancaster County SPCA to drum up ratings and cash for their group. Read More

Stolen Dogs Shipped to America

Dogs are in such short supply in America that rescue groups all over are scrambling for product to keep their sales volume going and keep up the illusion that America still has a pet over-population problem. Many rescues are jumping on the hot new Turkish Golden Retriever scam to keep the money flowing. Read More

Dog Rescues Import Disease To U.S.

Before the fake Turkish Golden Retriever scam I warned about in Part 1 of this series, was the Asian dog meat scam that introduced a deadly canine flu into America last year. Just this month, the San Diego Humane Society imported yet another plane load of dogs from Korea for resale. San Diego. California. The same California that claims to have a massive overpopulation of dogs in their shelters when they ship dogs north to Oregon, Washington, Utah and Canada is importing dogs from Korea. Not just any dogs. Puppies. They also claim that San Diego County, California has reached zero. "Zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in San Diego County." Now that they are running out of product to sell, it's time to join the import train. Read More

Pet Sale Bans are a Scam

As I covered in part 1 and part 2 of this continuing series, rescue groups and shelters across America are importing massive amounts of foreign dogs to fill their rescues with product for resale bringing disease into America. Even more tragic, tens of thousands of dogs are being stolen from their owner's yards and shipped out of state to resell as somehow in need of rescue. Yet even with the explosion of trafficking in stolen dogs and the shipments of hundreds of thousands of foreign dogs, many shelters and rescues across America are still empty. Read More