Katharine Dokken, Author.

Militants Claim Animals Come From the Devil

by Katharine Dokken - June 2016.

At left: Katharine with renowned tiger trainer Carlos Quinones, Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group, and exotic animal trainer Doug Terranova at the USDA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2016.

During the recent Easter holiday, animal rights terrorists stormed St. Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown, New York screaming "Easter is a time for love. No more shedding animal blood!" Claiming that cathedrals and churches are a "place of violence" protestors childishly threw temper tantrums in the aisles and demanded that their views be heard instead of the Priest that worshipers came to hear. How very progressive of them.

One protestor, 23-year-old Jacob Martin a self-professed "Christian" from North Carolina screamed into a bullhorn while he wore a GoPro device strapped to his chest to record the hysteria he and his fellow terrorists were creating in a sacred place. He acted so unhinged and out of control that church members thought the device on his chest was a bomb and numerous people fled from the church in terror. "Just as the priest began, someone got on a megaphone in the middle of Easter mass at St. Patrick's," witness Stephanie Stark tweeted. "Little girl next to me was freaked out."

"[O]nly the devil" could create "animals capable of love and joy just so humans can make them suffer and die." screamed Jacob Martin

"I thought they were going to blow themselves up," worshiper Carol Forester, 50, confessed. "I was terrified," said Cindy Calitri, 52. "I thought it was a bomb. There was something on his chest with lights flashing."

Obviously Jacob Martin and his fellow activists are selfish unhinged millennials who think their opinions trump our rights to be left alone. Their right to a safe space trumps our right to worship in peace and privacy. Martin who claims he is a Christian needs to read his bible, starting with the Old Testament. In Genesis, God declares that He created all animals on this earth, not Satan. The book of Leviticus is also a nice place for him to read God's extensive rules on how Jews of the Old Testament were ordered by God to continuously sacrifice animals and burn them on a holy alter as payment for their sins. Unlike these unhinged activists promote, the New Testament documents that Jesus ate fish and lamb in particular and he definitely supported the eating of beef when he related the Parable of the Prodigal Son in which the fatted calf is killed for the feast.

A fellow protestor from "Collectively Free," an animal rights extremist group dedicated to 'total animal liberation,' Raffaella Ciavatta also proved that she is not only unhinged but has also not read the Bible when she said that "[p]eople need to be reminded of their values like 'Thou shalt not kill,' she said." Unfortunately for the ignorant Ciavatta, this directive from God refers to humans, not animals which God gives us dominion over, states we can eat them, and orders us to sacrifice their bodies to him. She went on to say, "We [shouldn't] gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus while holding on to the violent tradition of feasting on the bodies of animals." What? Like Jesus did before he died? Like the Passover he celebrated the night before he died?

The animal rights group went on to whine on social media that Martin was attacked by cathedral guards and that NYC has failed to provide him with vegan meals in jail. Satan is not in the innocent animals as these delusional activists claim, Satan is right there inside these animal rights militants spoon feeding delusions into their brains. It's ironic that these unhinged activists choose to interrupt an Easter church service while up to 2,000 people in the cathedral were worshiping and celebrating the fact that Jesus was crucified and killed to save mankind and rose again from the dead. That's right, Jesus died for us. A human being. While these nuts protest over ham. Just what are they trying to say? That a pig has more rights than the Son of God?

A reporter from North Carolina interviewed Ciavatta about her views and showcased the typical hypocrisy of this movement. Just like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) attacks women and throws paint on fur coat wearing little old ladies instead of asking burly bikers why they wear leather, journalist and blogger Angelo Stagnaro asked Ciavatta why her group is not protesting the massive slaughter of goats at Muslim mosques as part of their services. Ciavatta claimed that at some point she will do that, you know, once she has a Muslim on staff in her animal rights group. Fat chance. She had no rational answer as to why she has attacked Christians but not Muslims over eating meat. Just like PETA has no answer as to why they attack little old ladies instead of bikers.

"In writing his Divine Comedy, Dante was faced with the ultimate mystery of our Faith - how can an omnibenevolent God damn a soul to eternal punishment in Hell. The author gave the perfect answer: God doesn't condemn us to Hell…we condemn ourselves." Angelo Stagnaro.

In the end, these protestors are demonstrating nothing more than the mental illness caused by the vegan diet and they need to be committed for their own good.