Katharine Dokken, Author.


At left: Katharine with Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group, and exotic animal trainer Doug Terranova at the USDA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2016.

Katharine Dokken is a nationally known author and speaker specializing in individual liberty, private property rights, constitutionalism, and animal rights terrorism. Katharine is the author of six books, three currently in print and available via Amazon.

A native of Minnesota and veteran of the United States Army, Katharine holds a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies and is currently a Public Affairs Officer for The Cavalry Group.

As a hobby, she bred and showed standard poodles in the show ring and raised service dogs and therapy dogs to assist the handicapped. Katharine founded, The Parti Times, a newsletter devoted to multi-colored poodles and published a total of 59 issues during the years it was in publication. Additionally, Katharine was the editor of a local non-profit's newsletter for five years prior to founding The Parti Times. Katharine isn't writing about serious subjects like animal rights terrorism and the attacks on America's farmers, she amuses her family by writing short humorous stories about modern life.