Katharine Dokken, Author.

As featured in the DeWeese Report.

A note from Tom DeWeese: Katharine Dokken: A New Voice of Courage and Truth Against the Radical Animal Rights Movement.

I am pleased to present to APC supporters a new voice in the battle for American Liberty - author and activist Katharine Dokken. She has been through hell, perpetrated by powerful forces which use government control to achieve their own agendas. And she has fought back bravely exposing these forces. Her article posted below appeared in the January issue of The DeWeese Report. Katharine's story clearly shows what we all face under the reorganization of government using the environmental (and animal rights) as the excuse over the rule of law and private proeprty rights. That, of course, is Agenda 21.

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At left: Katharine with Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group, and exotic animal trainer Doug Terranova at the USDA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2016.

A Tail of Abuse - Lily the Paintballed Horse

The media is awash in stories of animal abuse. If you listened to and believed your nightly newscast, you'd think that America is populated by animal abusers. It isn't. What's fueling all of these abuse stories is the meeting of the minds of two con groups. The first, the animal rights front who wants to outlaw the ownership of animals and secondly, fraudulent rescue groups who are constantly shilling the public for cash.

To these groups and their media apologists, every animal is abused and every owner is a cruel and abusive person who deserves to die a horrid death. Even the most minor of every day events is inflated and lied about to frame people for crimes they have not committed and to keep the media avalanche fueled with stories of horror. The public in turn is too quick to rush to judgment off of a headline and a 30 second sound bite instead of waiting for all the facts to come out.

Take the recent case of Lily the Paintballed Horse. Social media exploded in horror over the story of a white horse named Lily who had been shot by paintballs over 130 times. The media ran with wild claims that the horse was starving to death, malnourished, and severely abused. Except that she hadn't. She hadn't ever been shot by a paintball. Not once. She was not malnourished. She had never been abused. The entire story was a lie perpetuated by the Lancaster County SPCA to drum up ratings and cash for their group.

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Katharine's three part series on massive animal rescue fraud taking place in America today.

Part 1: Stolen Turkish Golden Retrievers shipped to America as "rescued" animals.

Dogs are in such short supply in America that rescue groups all over are scrambling for product to keep their sales volume going and keep up the illusion that America still has a pet over-population problem. Many rescues are jumping on the hot new Turkish Golden Retriever scam to keep the money flowing. In the past year over 1,000 supposedly purebred Golden Retrievers have been imported into the United States by various American rescue groups to resell for tax free profit. These stories are getting high mileage in the press and donations are flowing into the groups that are exploiting Americans soft hearts and their need to feel that they saved something. Far too many will believe any sob story these rescues make up and pay premium prices for second hand dogs from unknown backgrounds.

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Rescue Dog Scams series:

Part 3: Stolen Dogs and Pet Store Bans, the Animal Rights Goal to end Ownership of Pets Nears

As I covered in part 1 and 2 of this continuing series, rescue groups and shelters across America are importing massive amounts of foreign dogs to fill their rescues with product for resale bringing disease into America. Even more tragic, tens of thousands of dogs are being stolen from their owners yards and quickly shipped out of state to resell as somehow in need of rescue. Yet even with the explosion of trafficking in stolen dogs and the shipments of hundreds of thousands of foreign dogs, many shelters and rescues across America are still empty.

They still can't get in enough product for sale proving there is no pet overpopulation in America today. In Connecticut, officials fed up with the explosion of diseased and sick dogs trucked into their state have started to crack down on the illegal animal rescue trade.


"It was kind of a free for all. Anybody could come in adopt animals and go. They would set up in a parking lot anywhere in the state on a Saturday and put a sign out and say we have dogs for adoption. People would pay [cash] for the dogs and the people were gone, said Connors. That is no more than dog trafficking at that point is what I feel," Connecticut Department of Agriculture Spokesman Ray Connors.

In just the last months, multiple shelters across America posted pictures on social media to brag that their shelters are empty. Rescues want you to believe the south is awash in homeless animals to get you to buy a dog from them but that's just not true.

They are lying to you about the origins of the animals they are trying to sell you. In the same week, two highly lucrative shelters in Tennessee announced that they were completely empty. The first, McKamey Animal Center of Chattanooga, I covered in detail in my book, The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement.

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Janet Mefferd Today radio show, April 2016.

What is the real agenda of the animal rights movement? Katharine Dokken, author of "The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement," joins Janet to talk about it.

Click here to listen to her Radio Interview.

Katharine Dokken appears on Lost Arts Radio.

"She became an eloquent and shockingly honest spokesperson." Host Richard Sacks, Lost Arts Radio.

Recently I sat down with Richard Sacks, host of Lost Arts Radio, to discuss animal rights extremism in America today and how this movement impacts us. You can listen the podcast here.

Rescue Scams Series: Part 2: Dog Rescues Import Massive Foreign Disease into the United States.

I covered in part 1 of this continuing series, rescues all across America are shipping in plane loads of supposedly stray Golden Retrievers from Turkey in the exploding rescue dog scam across America. The rescue trade is so lucrative that new rescues are growing like weeds on every corner and byway of America. They exploit your hearts and wallets for all tax free profit using social media to push their business model. They can reach across cyber space and touch the heart of a stranger with just the right sob story, a crisis in an animal that needs to be saved or any other embellishments they can come up with and get strangers to open their wallets and hand over their money. Just as private prisons are a billion dollar enterprise, private rescues have mastered how to market themselves on social media to make people feel like they have made a difference in life. To sell them on a product and the story attached to it. Their biggest problem is, America is out of product for them to sell.

In the last decade, America has run out of homeless dogs looking for homes. Most legitimately homeless dogs in America now are pit bull mixes. Instead, to keep shelters and rescues full of animals to buy, they are importing them from foreign countries and washing their backgrounds through fellow shelters. Some rescues admit they are importing plane loads of foreign dogs, others blame mythical overpopulations in other areas of this country to hide the source of their animals. A huge imported dog pipeline exists from Mexico through California, and then shipped north to Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Canada. Besides importing from California, Washington imports from India and other Asian countries.

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When Americans Love Animals Too Much

While all around us in America today our economy has imploded, a historic number of Americans are out of work and all our jobs are being replaced by foreign immigrants or off-shored to other countries, the Cult of the Animal has taken over our very lexicon and showcases the destruction of American society. Recently in Virginia the media ran with a feel good sob story about a tractor-trailer accident involving a livestock truck carrying cattle. Young women in particular flocked to bombard social media with comments about the poor little cows in the accident and prayers that they weren't hurt. Comments initially ran 10 to 1 for concern for the cows with little to no concern shown for the truck driver. Many comments even stated they didn't care about the driver one bit, others went so far as to call him a murderer for the death of six cows in the accident.

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