At left: Katharine with renowned tiger trainer Carlos Quinones, Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group, and exotic animal trainer Doug Terranova at the USDA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2016. 

Katharine is currently working on two new book projects.

  • Coming soon:    You are Next!   to be released on the 10th Anniversary of the destruction of the Whispering Pines poodles.  


  • The long awaited first ever published history of the multi-colored poodle.   From historic origins to kennel club politics to color genetics, it has it all.   Currently in editorial review, hopefully will be released in the next year.

Featured Articles

Stolen Dogs Shipped to America


 Dogs are in such short supply in America that rescue groups all over are scrambling for product to keep their sales volume going and keep up the illusion that America still has a pet over-population problem. Many rescues are jumping on the hot new Turkish Golden Retriever scam to keep the money flowing. 

Dog Rescues Import Disease to U.S.


 Before the fake Turkish Golden Retriever scam I warned about in Part 1 of this series, was the Asian dog meat scam that introduced a deadly canine flu into America last year. Just this month, the San Diego Humane Society imported yet another plane load of dogs from Korea for resale. San Diego. California. The same California that claims to have a massive overpopulation of dogs in their shelters when they ship dogs north to Oregon, Washington, Utah and Canada is importing dogs from Korea. Not just any dogs. Puppies. They also claim that San Diego County, California has reached zero. "Zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in San Diego County." Now that they are running out of product to sell, it's time to join the import train. 

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