Welcome to the Animal Rights Hall of Shame

Criminals, Sex Predators and Drug Addicts. 

Welcome to the World of Animal Rights. 


Animal Rights Hall of Shame

  • Nasim Aghdam - Attempted serial killer - YouTube Hdqrs Shooter (PETA volunteer)
  • Walter Bond - Arsonist.  Dog Killer.  Convicted Felon.  Convicted of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).  (ALF)
  • Ed Buck - Charged with Felony Battery, running a gay sex drug den (Social Compassion in Legislation/Animal PAC)  - Currently Pending Trial!
  • Joseph Buddenberg / Nicole Kissane - Animal Killers. Thieves.  Convicted Felons.   Convicted of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)
  • Ronald Calderon - Bribery   (HSUS politician)
  • Marc Ching - Armed Robbery & Kidnapping.  Felon.   (The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation) 
  • Nick Cooney - threatened to kill children, serial sexual harassment.  (SHAC, Hugs for Puppies, Mercy For Animals, The Humane League)
  • Rodney Coronado - Arsonist. Anarchist. Convicted Felon.  (ALF, ELF, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)
  • John 'JP' Goodwin - Convicted Felon.  (ALF, HSUS) 
  • Scotlund Haisley - Drug Addict.  Armed Robbery.  Convicted Felon.  (HSUS, IDA, ARC)
  • John Hoyt - Financial Flimflammer, groomer/protector of pedophiles.  (HSUS) 
  • Kevin Johnson/Kevin Oliff - Animal Killer.  Felon.  Convicted of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)
  • Kevin Kjonaas/Kevin Chase - Convicted of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)  (ALF, SHAC, Beagle Freedom Project) 
  • Giles Meloche - Canadian veterinary license revoked for illegal steroid sales, serial sexual harassment.  (HSUS stooge, Louisville Animal Services)
  • Paul Shapiro - Serial sexual harassment. (COK, ALF, PETA, HSUS) 
  • David Wills - Burglary, embezzler, serial sexual harassment, Convicted Pedophile! (HSUS, Michigan Humane Society, Nashua Humane Society, NSAP)
  • Leland Yee - Bribery, illegal Islamic terrorist gun trafficker.    (HSUS politician)

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